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At Noble we make bikes that like to get dirty. We are rider owned and design bikes for other riders.

Things are going well for us. After a challenging start, we now have inventory of GX5, GX3 and CX3 bikes. We are shipping bikes and our customers so far are super excited about their bikes. One of the things I love about Noble is to hear back from our customers and see how they are using their bikes. Over the past few months the number of Noble Bikes in the wild is steadily increasing. A big thank you to all the customers who are supporting the Noble brand.

Now that we have bikes in inventory we have reached out to the various editors and we have several bikes out to get reviewed. Check regularly on all your favorite bike sites to catch reviews of our bikes.

So what do we have in the pipeline? The TX329, TX327 and GX1 have been approved for production, so we are working hard to make those available for you as well. As always we are working on new things, and we will update you as we get closer to production.

So far 2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year, with a growing number of Noble Bikes in the wild!

Noble Bikes Logan Wetzel F4

The Noble brand name was born on a bike ride. Me and my buddy Dave Pearson went on a mountain bike ride together and as we were riding up Corrall Pass I was thinking about possible brand names. At the top, Corrall Pass splits into several trails. We choose trail #1184 Noble Knob. While catching our breath after reaching the top I threw it out there, what about "Noble"?


Just add dirt.

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